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DEERAN Woodlawn, Bromelton Queensland 1873

James Darren Jnr.  born in the Province of Leister, Eire, 1849, and was part of the vast migration out of Ireland post the Great Famine. Escaping hunger and dire poverty, 1.5 million Irish citizens sailed to other lands hoping for a better future. In 1871 James took up a lease of what had been Bromelton [...][...read more ]

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FRENCH Gilberton Station, Einasleigh, Queensland 1869

The story of Gilberton Station is a tale of three interwoven cultures, European, Aboriginal and to a lesser extent that of the Chinese. Tom and Lydia Martel were the founders of Gilberton circa 1869 they acquired the property more or less by squatting, as you did, as you could! The family’s stone fortress completed in [...][...read more ]

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Past News: His Excellency the Governor General praises ACFSA

His Excellency the Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC was recently invited to become Patron of our organisation. Senator Matt Canavan Minister for Resources and Northern Australia kindly wrote the recommendation for us. Although the request was declined, as he will leave the office early next year, Sir Peter expressed a hope that he could [...][...read more ]

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