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Century Farm and Station Awards

WILLIAMSON Whittlesea, Victoria | 1909

By In Awardees On November 2, 2023

Mary Williamson aged 89 submitted the history of the dairy farm at Whittlesea  Vic. which she and husband Mervyn have owned and run since 1959.

In 1919 her grandfather Aaron Cockcroft had purchased the property for the sum of £7.30 shillings per acre. In time the land was inherited by his son George and his bride Isabella, who worked the farm for a total of 29 years before retiring to Hume Vale Victoria.
When Mervyn and Mary were married in March 1959 they were given the opportunity of carrying on the thriving little dairy farm.
Over many years they supplied whole milk to Floridia Cheese Co. and various other markets, raised their own replacement heifers, renovated the pastures and made many general improvements to the farm.
In September 1980 they purchased an adjoining property of 150 acres for £115 per acre.
As the farm is approximately 40 km from Melbourne CBD there has been intense interest over the years from various developers. However, Mary and Mervyn chose to work the farm and provide a wonderful environment for their children to grow up in. As they are finally retiring, it’s their sincere hope that the farm stays within the family.