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BANFF “Clinton” Coominya, Queensland | 1880

By In Awardees On October 9, 2023

The Bond Room at Banff Brothers Clinton Winery, Coominya Queensland circa early 1900. Pictured: Henry, and John Banff left and on the right Mr Serisier, who was both winemaker and Excise Officer. Brandy was stored in the Bond Room and only Mr.Serisier had a key!

Founder Jacob Banff originally from Ernsthausen, Hassan, Germany, at that time Prussia, had arrived in Moreton Bay in September 1863, recruited as part of a migration effort encouraged by the Queensland Government. Jacob is credited with building the first house in the town, later meeting his bride Juliana who had arrived from Klausdorf, Prussia now Klebowiec in Poland.
The young couple were granted a hotel license in March 1874.

A guest, the surveyor Mr Atkinson who was charged with survey work prior to the breaking up of the large local property,Tarampa, advised them to buy a parcel of the former station. They paid £20 for their new land on January 1880. With their purchase they became the first settlers in the area around Atkinson dam near Carinya. Later many more blocks were added to their holding. Initially they grazed cattle and then added grape vines and citrus. The first Clinton grapes were harvested in 1905 at the winery opened in 1914. The winery continuing to produce wines and spirits until 1938. Intensive farming and cropping with irrigation eventually led to the growing of turf.

Four generations of the family have lived at Clinton and it is now home to Greg and Sue Banff.