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Century Farm and Station Awards

BLAIR Proserpine, Queensland | 1919

By In Awardees On November 2, 2023

Alfred and his bride Wilhemina Blair commenced sugarcane farming in the North Gregory district in 1918. They farmed the total area of 45 acres, all of which was cleared by hand. In 1920 they built their home where they raised their five children Edward, George, Alfred, Robert and Mabel.
In the beginning the farm work was done by horse but a Fordson tractor was purchased in 1927. However horses continued to be part of the farm plant until the 1940s. When their parents passed away, the four boys continued farming together, expanding their holdings with the purchase of neighbouring properties. Robert left the partnership and pursued an interest in cattle. Of the three remaining brothers only Alfred was to marry: Mary Carr of Wyong NSW.
Cane was cut and loaded into cane trucks by hand until 1956. Since then there have been constant innovations from cane growing to irrigation.
The property has suffered through terrible cyclones (Ada 1970) and desperate droughts. Eventually 5 km of piping was laid to the Proserpine River making dry times less challenging.
Today the property is in the hands of the third generation, and in addition to sugar cane, finger limes are grown for the restaurant trade.