Century Farms

How to apply

Century Farm and Station Awards


The Century Farm Program was an initiative of the Collector & Districts Historical Association, to honor farm and station families with century long connections to the land and to acknowledge, preserve and protect Australia ‘s rich agricultural heritage.
It’s a heritage to be proud of, reflected by personal sacrifices, perseverance and commitment to a way of life. Keeping the farm or station from generation to generation is an impressive achievement, and the Australia Century F arm award celebrates those families. A special Sesquicentennial Award will be presented to those families whose tenure exceeds 150 years.

The Award

It is important that these families be recognised. If your family meets the requirements for eligible applicants please complete an application form. You will receive a certificate, and metal plaque commemorating this hundredth year milestone. The plaque, which can be placed at the farm gate or hung on a building, symbolises your family’s perseverance and their ability to keep farming in the face of constant change. Above all else, it represents the hard work and desire to carry on, what was 100 years ago a dream, then a reality, and is now a family tradition


There are many Century farms and stations in Australia . The award celebrates all forms of Agriculture, including cropping, livestock, forestry, viticulture and horticulture.
Criteria has been set to identify these families, and it includes the following:

  • Only the legal owner/s the property may apply for the Century Farm or Century Station honour.
  • Your farm or station must have been operated continuously in the same family for 100 years or more.
  • You must live on the farm or station, or if you live off the property, you must actively manage and direct the farming activity on the land.
  • The line of ownership from the original settler or buyer may be through children, siblings, or nephews and nieces, including through marriage or adoption.
  • Co-ownership’s by multiple family members (husband-and-wife, brother and sister etc) are eligible for a single joint award. If the farm/ station is a family corporation, one of the principal stockholders must be a direct descendent.
  • Applications must be submitted on official forms provided by the Century Farm program with all questions completed. Applicants must submit an additional narrative of family history not specifically requested in the application. Copies of historical photographs are greatly encouraged. All information, including photographs, will be deposited in the internationally recognized Noel Butlin Archive, ANU,Canberra where the collection will be available for study by, researchers, genealogists, climatologists, architects, social historians etc.and  interested members of the public.
  • The Butlin Archive has also expressed a particular interest in receiving rainfall records, if these have been kept by property owners.
  • All applications must include verification of continuous ownership for 100 years.
  • Applications must be signed and certified by either a Justice of the Peace, or a solicitor.

To pay by direct deposit;

‘ACFSA’  Commbank

BSB  062836   Acct. 10311925

Reference: The Farm/Station name as it appears on the application form

Send your completed application form to

Secretary ACFSA

288 Kincaid Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650