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Century Farm and Station Awards

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Where can I find a copy of my title/s?

Some very old farms pre-date the whole title process as we now know it. Other families purchased and farmed for years before a title was issued. In these cases we will readily accept other forms of verification, i.e. letters, diaries etc.

What kind of photographs do I enclose, and how many?

Most Century Farmers enclose copies of as many historic photographs as they can find, relating to the farm/family. Conversely others have lost all in a fire or flood, and their inability to enclose such material in no way diminishes their application. There is no upper limit as to how many photographs we will accept, and they can be sent in digital form. (On a USB) Please realize that photos of your farm and family “taken yesterday” will complete the picture. They too will be hugely interesting in 50 years!

While we are making the request for these materials, it is much more about what you as a family would like to see preserved for future generations and what you would like those researching Australia’s agricultural history to know.

Since the Australia Century Farm & Station Awards Collection archive is to remain open, you are invited to contribute further material as the years go by.

Can I copy the application form?

Please do!

We encourage applicants to make copies and hand to other interested parties

What is the application fee used for?

As a non-profit organization we try to cover as many of our expenses as possible. The substantial bronze plaques presented to awardees currently cost over  $400 each. The remaining money helps cover office expenses etc.

I want to apply, but might not get everything together by the end of the year!

Please return the basic application + fee by the closing date or thereabouts, and include a note re any remaining information that will be arriving later. Or there’s always next year!

The Australian Century Farms committee wishes to thank you for your interest, and for helping to preserve our nation’s agricultural heritage.

Where do I send my application form?

Send your completed application form to


Nanette Aitken-McDonald
288 Kincaid Street, Wagga Wagga,  NSW 2650


You can pay your application fee of $733 by direct deposit. Bank details will be provided.
Reference: The Farm/Station name as it appears on the application form