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History of Century Farms Programs

In initiating this awards program the Collector and Districts Historical Association was encouraged by Century Farm programs in existence in both the USA and Canada for over 75 years. More recent inspiration has come from the outstanding success achieved by the New Zealand program which began in 2005. Over 400 NZ farm families have already contributed their stories to the National Library, Wellington, where a new  archive has been created for the collected materials.

Our Logo

Collector, which somehow morphed from ‘Kalegda’, Aboriginal for pelican, was established as a farming community in 1826 and is located on the southern tablelands of New South Wales midway between Canberra and Goulburn.
During the era of early European settlement Kalegda and nearby Weereewaa (Lake George ) teemed with waterfowl of which the pelican was king. In choosing this majestic bird, found in all states, as the ACFSA emblem, we recognize their capacity to travel great distances after drought breaking rains. As such they are frequently harbingers of rural prosperity.
Almost 200 years later Pelicans are still regular visitors to the lagoons of Collector Creek.

The ACFSA Committee wishes to acknowledge with great gratitude the generous donation from the Collector Village Pumpkin Festival Committee which brought this website to life. Thanks everyone!